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First aid refresher training

Fortunately, using the knowledge you have acquired for your First Aid diploma is not necessary every day. The disadvantage is that with time, your First Aid knowledge and skills recede in the background. To prevent this, it is important to follow a refresher training regularly. Several times a year, Inprevo offers an official First Aid training at one of its realistic training centres in The Netherlands. In one day, both theory and practice are updated. Competence is assessed via practical exercises. The successful participant receives the extension of his/her nationally recognized Orange Cross diploma. Following a yearly refresher training is compulsory to obtain the extension of the diploma.

Training in times of Corona virus

Inprevo has implemented a protocol related to the present situation which informs you about the various safety measures that are put in place. Our training centres have been adapted and changes have been implemented in the training practices.

Target group

First Aiders


The participant will be trained on how to:

Perform life-saving First Aid including C.P.R. with the A.E.D.

  • bring a casualty to safety
  • assess the casualty’s situation
  • hand over to the emergency services
  • treat wounds
  • perform C.P.R. and use an Automatic External Defibrillator (A.E.D.)

Minimum requirements

The refresher training is only accessible to trainees who have successfully followed the initial First Aid training. If you do not yet have this diploma, then follow the initial First Aid training.


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Duur: 1 day
  • Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam
  • Houten
  • Enschede
  • Leiden
  • In company