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Ilkyardim ve Yangin Güncelleme Egitimi (Turkstalige BHV Herhaling)

In case of an incident at or around the workplace, the qualified Emergency Response Officer is the dedicated person to assess the situation and provide efficient assistance.


The Refresher Emergency Response training given by Inprevo ensures that the knowledge and skills of the Emergency Response Officers are still at the adequate level and that they remain competent. Within one day, the module Firefighting, Evacuation & Communication as well as basic First Aid will be refreshed. The following practical skills will be re-trained such as: applying bandages, providing CPR, the recovery position, evacuation and the use of firefighting equipment.


The participant who follows the training and is declared competent will receive an Emergency Response certificate.


Scenario-based training

The participants are trained based on realistic scenarios during which they learn to intervene in case of emergency. No tedious presentations but practical learning! Via practical scenarios, the participants are taught to evaluate situations and to take appropriate actions based on adequate procedures.

Minimale eisen

Target Group

Emergency Response Officers who need to keep their skills up to date and wish to extend their certificates.

Duur: 1 day
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  • Rotterdam
  • Houten
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