Emergency Response Training (ERT / BHV) Basic with E-learning

With the e-learning BHV teaching program, Inprevo offers the possibility to follow the theoretical part of the BHV Basic at home, at work or elsewhere


As standard, we offer teaching programs for the healthcare, safety and transport sectors. By using your own material, such as photos, videos and evacuation scenarios, the lessons can be tailored to the organization. The modules are concluded with a digital exam. When the e-learning BHV is successfully completed, the student receives a certificate. After obtaining the certificate, the company emergency response team can act in the event of accidents with injuries, a starting fire, alarm and evacuate people and communicate with external emergency personnel. In order to keep abreast of the applicable BHV guidelines and to remain competent as a BHV officer, we recommend that you follow an annual BHV Recurrence.

Training in the time of the coronavirus

In the E-learning BHV Basic lesson program we take into account the current corona crisis. View our protocol which safety measures Inprevo takes.

Target audience

Anyone who must be able to act adequately in case of calamities.

E-learning BHV Basis in Amsterdam, Houten (Utrecht), Rotterdam and at customer location

The E-learning BHV student is trained in:

  • Life-saving First Aid (LEH) incl.

  • CPR & AED bring a victim to safety;

  • Assess the victim's condition;

  • Maintaining connections with aid organizations;

  • Treating injury;

  • CPR and operate AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

  • Firefighting and Evacuation alarming and evacuating people;

  • Recognize fire and fire hazards; preparing for an eviction.

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