E-learning Emergency Response Training (ERT/BHV) Basic

Emergency Response Training (ERT / BHV) Basic with E-learning

With this e-learning BHV teaching training, Inprevo offers the possibility to follow the theoretical part of this study at home, at work or elsewhere.

€ 270,00 excl. BTW

Company Emergency Response Officers are in charge of prevention and intervention in case of incidents. They provide assistance and ensure the safety of all present on the company premises. Their tasks include First Aid, evacuation, extinguishing a starting fire and liaising with the external emergency services. In addition, they look after people at the external assembly points.The basic Emergency Response training given by Inprevo prepares the Emergency response Officers for a variety of incidents which could happen at the work place. The training focusses on the acquisition of elementary skills.

When the e-learning successfully is completed, the student receives a digital certificate. After obtaining the certificate for the theoratical part. With this certificate the participant can enter the practical part of this training.

Contents ERT training e-learning

The E-learning student is trained in:

  • Life-saving First Aid (LEH) incl.

  • CPR & AED bring a victim to safety;

  • Assess the victim's condition;

  • Maintaining connections with aid organizations;

  • Treating injury;

  • CPR and operate AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

  • Firefighting and Evacuation alarming and evacuating people;

  • Recognize fire and fire hazards; preparing for an eviction.

Diploma / Certificate

In order to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date whe recommend an annual refresher.

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